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What is the checkout process?
Once you have items in your shopping cart and you are done shopping, click the "Proceed to Checkout" button. If you are a registered user, sign in to proceed with checkout. If you are a guest, you can choose the "continue as a guest" option and skip signing in, or you can register to receive more benefits. For more information on the advantages of being registered, refer to Registration. Once you are past the sign in page, you will provide your shipping information. You will then be presented with a preview of your order. If everything looks correct, click the "Place Your Order" button and print the receipt that appears. A copy of the receipt is emailed to you as well. The buyer will then provide the shipping cost, which you can approve or decline. If you approve the shipping cost, you can then pay.

Why is checkout asking me to sign in?
For security purposes, checkout will always ask you to sign in when making a purchase. If you aren't a registered user, you can choose the "continue as a guest" option and skip signing in. If you are registered, then the "continue as a guest" option will not be available and you must sign in before proceeding with checkout. If you leave checkout at any time, you will be asked to sign in again when you return. Signing in saves you time by prefilling the checkout forms with your information, prevents other people that use your computer from using your cart to purchase items, and allows you to more easily manage the order later. For more information on the advantages of being registered, refer to Registration.

Why is checkout asking me to sign in when I'm already signed in?
Checkout has higher than average security since it is handling financial information. Part of the extra security requires you to sign in whenever you first arrive at checkout, even if you are already signed in. If you leave checkout then come back, you are required to sign in again.

What are the advantages of being registered?
Please refer to Registration.

I was sent back to my shopping cart and a warning message appeared. What happened?
If a price or description changes for one of your items in checkout, then you are automatically sent back to your shopping cart so that you can review the changes before proceeding. Also, if an item is no longer available for purchase then you will also be sent back to your shopping cart so that you can remove the item before proceeding. For more information, please refer to Shopping Cart.

A message appeared saying an item no longer exists or can't be purchased. What happened?
Please refer to Shopping Cart.

Is my billing information secure?
Yes. All your information during checkout is secured with SSL. SSL encrypts all the information exchanged between you and Yessy while in transit, which means that personal information cannot be viewed by outside parties. Your billing information is handled completely by Yessy and is never made available to the seller.

Postal codes don't apply to my country. What do I enter in the postal code field?
If a postal code does not apply to your country, please leave the postal code field blank.

For the billing information, what is the email address field used for?
Your email address is used to send you a receipt of your order along with a link that allows you to cancel or make changes to your order. You are also notified of any change in your order status, such as when an item ships. Your email address is also another way the seller can contact you, if needed, concerning your order.

What does the "Cancel Changes" button do?
The "Cancel Changes" button cancels any changes you made to the form and sends you back to the Preview screen.

What does the "Preview Order" button do?
The "Preview Order" button saves your current billing and shipping information, and then sends you to the Preview screen where you can review your information and preview your order. If there is an error with any of your entries, then you are sent back to the billing and shipping form so you can make any needed changes.

How do I make changes to my billing or shipping information?
If you are previewing your order, you can change your billing and shipping information by clicking the "Change" button located near the top of the preview page. If you have already paid for the order, you may choose to cancel the order and repurchase the item(s) with different billing and shipping information. For information on cancelling an order, please refer to Buying Process.

When do I pay for the shipping costs?
Please refer to Shipping.

I get a message that says an item is undeliverable to my country. Now what?
In this case, the seller has chosen to only deliver to a certain country or area. You have to either provide a shipping address within the seller's chosen area or you have to remove the item from your shopping cart.

What happens when I click the "Place Your Order" button?
When you click the "Place Your Order" button, your order is submitted; a receipt is displayed which you can print, a duplicate receipt is emailed to you, and the seller is notified of your order. Note that you only pay later when you accept the shipping costs.

I entered the wrong email address when placing my order. Is it possible to get a copy of the receipt to the right email address?
There is currently no way to resend your receipt to another email address. If you entered a wrong email address, be sure to print the receipt shown on the last page of checkout or at least write down the order number that is shown on the receipt. You will then need to contact Yessy when it comes time to approve the shipping costs. Another solution is to just resubmit your order, since if you're unable to approve the shipping costs for the previous order, then you will not be charged for that order. To resubmit your order, simply add the items into your cart again and proceed through checkout with the correct email address.

How long does it take until I receive my order?
Please refer to Buying Process.

What do I do after checkout is complete?
After you have completed checkout, you do not need to take any further action. At that point, it is up to the seller to take the next step of providing the shipping costs. The original receipt that was emailed to you contains the seller's email address if you ever have a need to contact the seller. If a reasonable amount of time passes and you don't hear from the seller, please refer to Problems with Seller.

I get a message that says my cart is empty or that checkout has completed. Why is that happening?
Besides this message occurring when your shopping cart is empty, this message will also occur if you try to navigate back to, or reload, a checkout page when your order has already been completed. Be aware that this message will occur if you try to reload the page that displays your receipt. This is a safety mechanism that prevents the same order from being submitted multiple times.

How is the seller notified of my order?
Please refer to Buying Process.

What happens when I purchase from multiple sellers?
Please refer to Buying Process.

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