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Email Address

What is my email address used for?
Your email address is primarily used as your username when you sign in. Your email address is also used to email you a receipt when you place an order, to email you a notification when someone purchases your art, to email you an invoice of your bill, or other related important information.

Does Yessy ever send spam to my email address?
No. Yessy never sends advertisements or other unnecessary information to your email address.

Does Yessy sell my email address to other companies?
No. Your email address is kept strictly for Yessy purposes and is never provided to other companies.

How do I change my email address on Yessy?
You can change your email address on Yessy by going to Your Profile.

What if I've lost my email address and can't sign in?
If you are a seller and have lost or forgotten your email address, use the Lost Email tool. If you are a buyer, contact and please tell us the order number(s) you're trying to access.

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