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Family Safe

What is "Family Safe"?
Family Safe is a term used by Yessy to describe content that is generally considered appropriate for everyone. Non-Family Safe content could be described as content that is generally deemed inappropriate for young persons, such as art that could be considered pornographic, extremely violent, or overtly offensive.

Who rates the art as being either Family Safe or Non-Family Safe?
It is the responsibility of each seller to assign their art in good faith as being either Family Safe or Non-Family Safe.

As a seller, how do I list my art as being Non-Family Safe?
You can list your art as Non-Family Safe by using either Easy Edit or Power Edit. In Easy Edit or Power Edit, navigate to the item you wish to list as Non-Family Safe. Notice the section with the question 'Is this item safe for families and children to view?'; select "No" and click the "Save" button. That item will now be listed as Non-Family Safe. Repeat this process for any other items you'd like to list as Non-Family Safe.

What if I find some art listed as Family Safe which should actually be listed as Non-Family Safe?
If you find art that you feel is inappropriately listed as Family Safe, then please notify Yessy by sending an email to Yessy will review the art in question and, if needed, will notify the seller. Yessy also reserves the right to reassign art as Non-Family Safe if the artwork could be considered in a "grey area".

What is the Family Safe filter link that sometimes shows when browsing art?
By clicking the Family Safe filter link, you can choose to show or hide Non-Family Safe art. When the Family Safe filter is on then Non-Family Safe art is hidden. When the Family Safe filter is off then all art is shown. By default, the Family Safe filter is on. The filter remembers your last choice; so if you had it turned off on your last visit then it will still be turned off when you return.

How can I search for Non-Family Safe art?
The "Show" field in Advanced Search allow you to search specifically for Non-Family Safe art.

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