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What are the fees?
The annual fee is only $59, which equates to only $5 a month. There are no other fees and you can cancel at anytime. And when your art sells, there is no commission. You receive 100% of the order total.

Why is your fee so low?
One of the main goals of Yessy is to assist the entire art community. The fee has been kept low so that a wide variety of artists will have the opportunity to use Yessy. You can read more regarding the founding beliefs of Yessy by going to About Yessy.

How are the fees used?
The fees are reinvested in advertising, employees, hardware, bandwidth, and related business expenses.

How many items can I have in my gallery?
The number of items you can have on display is practically unlimited. It is possible to have millions of items on your site. Within reason, you are allowed to display as many items as you wish.

How do I pay the fees?
In both Easy Edit and Power Edit, there is a section entitled "Commerce" where you provide your credit card information.

Can I pay the annual fee by mail, PayPal, international bank account, or some other payment method?
Sorry, for security purposes and fraud prevention, a credit card is required to pay the annual fee. Payment by any other payment method is currently not an option.

When do I pay the fees?
The annual fee is paid on the day your free trial ends.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my bill?
If you have any questions about your bill, please feel free to send an email to

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