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How To Sell

What is the selling process?
The selling process basically occurs in the following order: You create your gallery with items available to purchase. A buyer purchases your item and you are immediately notified of the order. You enter the shipping cost, the buyer then pays and you receive the funds immediately in your PayPal account. You then ship the item to the buyer, and the process is complete.

How do I create and edit my site, gallery, or items?
Please refer to Editing Your Site/Gallery/Items.

How can I get digital images of my art for uploading to the Yessy website?
Please refer to Editing Your Site/Gallery/Items.

How much should I sell my art for?
There is no exact science to pricing your artwork. A beginning artist will normally price their artwork within a modest price range. It is a good idea to check what other artists at your stage are selling their artwork for and use that information to get an idea for what price range you should currently be in. As you become more well known and accomplished as an artist, the demand and price for your work should naturally increase. Keep in mind that your art can be valued higher if your prints are limited. Also keep in mind that some people purchase art as an investment, so you don't want to be in a situation where you have to lower the price of your art since this could deter some of your art buyers. In this situation, it is better to start low and raise the price when appropriate.

How does Yessy promote my art?
Yessy uses a number of avenues to promote the site and your artwork. Some of the well known companies Yessy advertises with are Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Netscape, CompuServe, AT&T, Earthlink,, and others. In addition, an Affiliate Program is in place that encourages word of mouth. You can be sure that Yessy will continue to research and expand into additional areas for promoting Yessy artists. Within Yessy, several methods are used to promote your site such as the Yessy Directory, Search, and more. Yessy does not believe in popup advertising, spam, or other similar tactics, and will not advertise using such methods.

How can I get more visitor traffic?
If you would like to further increase the traffic to your site on Yessy, there are several methods you can use. Put the URL to your Yessy site on your business cards, stationery, invoices, emails, and any other area that can lead people to your site. Ensure that your site can be easily found by submitting or resubmitting your URL to various search engines. Use the Affiliate Program to link your art from other websites, and encourage others to do the same, which will increase your purchases while also earning you referral bonuses.

How am I notified of an order?
You are automatically notified of the order immediately via email. Information about the item purchased and the buyers shipping and contact information is provided to you, the seller. You can also periodically check your Your Orders & Offers for all orders that currently need your attention.

What happens if I decline an order?
If for some reason you choose to decline an order, then the buyer is immediately notified, the order is cancelled, and the buyer is not charged for the order. Also, if 30 days passes without you accepting the order then the order is automatically cancelled.

Why was an order cancelled?
The buyer has their ability to cancel the order anytime before they pay. Also, if 30 days passes without you accepting the order then the order is automatically cancelled. The buyer can also request a refund after they have paid, as noted at Refunds.

Do I need to provide a tracking number when I ship an item?
Yes. Please refer to Shipping.

The buyer wants a refund; what now?
Please refer to Refunds.

How do I receive payment?
Please refer to Receiving Payment.

Where can I view all my orders, both past and present?
You can view all your orders, including your order history, by going to Your Account and clicking on Your Orders & Offers.

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