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Make Offer

What is the "Make Offer" feature?
Many items on Yessy have a "Make Offer" button next to the "Add to Cart" button. That "Make Offer" button allows you to easily send an offer to the seller for that item. The seller can accept your offer, decline your offer, or send you a counter-offer. If the seller sends you a counter-offer, then you have the ability to accept their offer, decline the offer, or counter-offer again. The process continues until either you or the seller accept the latest offer, or decline the offer completely. If the offer is accepted, the offer then becomes an official order, the buyer pays, and the seller ships the item to the buyer.

Why use "Make Offer" instead of emailing my offer directly to the seller?
The "Make Offer" feature saves a lot of time for both you and the seller. No longer do you have to spend time writing emails back and forth and trying to keep track of the haggling. No longer do you have to worry about what to write to the seller or whether the seller is even interested in receiving offers. No longer does the seller have to spend time managing the offer and can instead click a single button to accept, decline, or counter-offer. No longer does the seller have to manually change a price in their gallery after an offer is accepted. All of this and more is managed smoothly and efficiently by the "Make Offer" feature, saving both you and the seller valuable time and effort.

How much should I offer?
The answer, of course, is ultimately up to you. Do not submit extremely low offers. Not only will that have the tendency to offend the seller, doing so repeatedly could get you banned. Submit a reasonable offer that you feel is fair for both you and the seller.

What if I submit an offer and then change my mind?
At any time, you have the ability to cancel your offer. You are not obligated to continue with the offer.

The seller declined my offer; should I submit a new offer?
Use your best judgment. Depending on the circumstance, it may be worthwhile to submit a new offer after your previous offer was declined. For instance, if the buyer declined your offer because it was too low, you may want to consider submitting a new, higher offer. However, in a different case, if the seller says they can not ship to your country, it would not make sense to submit another offer. Be careful to never submit unnecessary duplicate offers.

Why do some items not have a "Make Offer" button?
Only items that are for sale can have a "Make Offer" button. If there is no "Add to Cart" button, then a "Make Offer" button is not possible. Also, the seller has the ability to not allow offers for their items. If there is an "Add to Cart" button but no "Make Offer" button, it is because the seller has chosen to not allow any offers on that item.

As a seller, how do I turn off/on the "Make Offer" feature for all of my items?
If you do not want people to send you offers for your items, you can turn off that feature so that the "Make Offer" button does not appear with your items. You can do this for all your items or just specific items (see question below). To turn off the "Make Offer" feature for all your items, sign in to Power Edit and then click your gallery in the left-hand navigation (if you haven't renamed your gallery, it will be named "Gallery" in the left-hand navigation). Once you're at the form for your gallery, there will be a section on that form entitled "Allow offers in this gallery?"; choose "No, do not allow offers" and save the form. The "Make Offer" button will then no longer appear for any of your items. If you want to turn on the "Make Offer" feature, then simply follow the same instructions but, at the end, choose "Yes, allow offers". If you have multiple galleries, you'll need to do the same for each of your galleries.

As a seller, how do I turn off/on the "Make Offer" feature for a specific item?
To turn off the "Make Offer" feature for a specific item, sign in to Power Edit and then click the specific item you want to edit in the left-hand navigation. In the same section where you provide the price for the item, there is a column entitled "Allow Offers" with a corresponding checkbox. Uncheck the checkbox and then save the form. The "Make Offer" button will no longer appear for that item. If you want to turn on the "Make Offer" feature, then simply follow the same instructions but, instead of unchecking the checkbox, make sure the checkbox is checked. Do the same thing for each item where you want to turn off/on the "Make Offer" feature.

As a seller, I have the "Make Offer" feature turned on but why is there no "Make Offer" button appearing?
The "Make Offer" button will not appear unless your item is listed as "For Sale". Make sure that you have listed your item as "For Sale"; this option is available to you in the same area where you edit your prices. Also, double-check that you have the "Allow Offers" checkbox checked for your specific item; see the questions above regarding turning on/off the "Make Offer" feature. If all else fails, try clearing your browser's cache and then reloading your item page; you may be viewing an old cached page that isn't showing the latest information.

As a seller, what do I do if someone is repeatedly submitting low offers or is abusing the "Make Offer" feature?
If you have tried to resolve the situation with the person to no avail, send an email detailing the situation and Yessy will take appropriate action.

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