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Seller Top Questions

How much does it cost to join Yessy?
The annual fee is only $59. When a buyer pays through the Yessy ordering system, then a low 10% escrow/payment processing fee applies. This covers credit card transaction fees, escrow service, and related payment processing costs. There are no other fees.

Can I try Yessy for free?
Yes. You can try Yessy for free with a 14-day free trial.

How does selling work?
Yessy is an escrow service for the protection of both the buyer and seller, and saves you time by handling the ordering process. When you receive an order through Yessy, you are provided the buyer's shipping address so you can calculate the shipping cost, then Yessy secures the total payment from the buyer and notifies you when you can ship the order to the buyer. When the buyer receives the order, the funds are released to you.

How do I get paid?
Funds are transferred to you directly into your bank account, or into your PayPal account, or by mailing you a check. You choose these options through your Commerce form after you have created your gallery.

What do I need to join?
You only need images of your art on your computer. To sell your art on Yessy, and to stay beyond the 14-day free trial, you will need a credit card or U.S. bank account.

Why is a credit card or U.S. bank account required to sell on Yessy?
Since Yessy is an escrow service and handles the transactions between buyer and seller, a credit card or U.S. bank account is required for security purposes to help prevent fraud, along with verifying your identity.

Is it safe to give Yessy my credit card or U.S. bank account?
Yes. Your Commerce form is securely protected using SSL encryption. The strong security of the Yessy system ensures that your information is always completely secure. Also, Yessy has earned the trust of many thousands of seller's over many years, without a single case of fraud.

Can I pay the annual fee by mail, PayPal, international bank account, or some other payment method?
Sorry, for security purposes, a credit card or U.S. bank account is required to pay the annual fee. Payment by any other payment method is currently not an option. You can still use the 14-day free trial without completing your Commerce form, however, your art will not be listed for sale.

How many items can I display on Yessy?
There is no limit. You can display all of your art.

What items can't I display on Yessy?
Do not post anything that is not art. Also, do not post stock photography or wedding, vacation, and personal photos. If it wouldn't be on display in an art gallery, don't display it on Yessy.

I don't live in the United States. Can I still join?
Yes. Yessy promotes artists around the world. You can view artists in your country by using Advanced Search to search by "Region".

I'm not an artist. Can I still join?
Yes. Yessy is open to artists, galleries, and collectors.

I didn't receive the confirmation email when I registered. What now?
To ensure you receive emails from Yessy, add "" to your address book. Also, make sure your spam settings aren't blocking emails from Yessy. If all else fails, contact your email provider to ask what you need to do to receive emails from You can also resend the registration email by registering again.

My images aren't uploading. What now?
Most likely your image is too large for your computer to upload. Resize your image to 700x700 pixels or less, preferably in JPEG format, then upload it.

How do I cancel?
You can cancel at anytime through the Cancel page.

I have other questions not shown here.
To view additional questions and answers, scroll to the top of this page, then click any Help category on the left-side of this page.

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