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Where can I get a username and password?
You can get a username and password by going to Registration. For more information on registering, please refer to Registration.

Where do I sign in?
You are asked to sign in only when you try to access a secure area for the first time. These areas include Easy Edit, Power Edit, Your Orders & Offers, and other areas where being signed in is required.

How can I sign out?
When you are signed in, you can then sign out by clicking on the "Sign Out" link located at the top-right corner of every page.

Why would I ever need to sign out?
When you are done using Yessy, it is important that you sign out so that no one else can use your account from your computer. Just closing your browser may not always be enough. Be sure to click the "Sign Out" link to ensure that you are totally signed out.

I was signed in but then all of the sudden I wasn't; what happened?
For security purposes, if you are inactive for 30 minutes, then you are automatically signed out. This prevents other people from accessing your account from your computer if you have stepped away for awhile. The term "inactive" means that you haven't visited a Yessy page in the last 30 minutes.

Why is checkout asking me to sign in when I'm already signed in?
Please refer to Checkout.

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