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Hiep NguyentheThere is a language common to all mankind, it is the language of love.

Welcome to my Gallery - I hope you enjoy your visit.
In art carreer, we travel alone in our way of working. In that road, the
loneliness is always be. I do art work to express my thinking and my soul,
to looking for new things, beautiful things in colour, image and to live my
live. That is not easy at all.
My name is Hiep Nguyenthe, Born in 1959, in the capital, Hanoi, Vietnam. Country under communism. Place that they bears thinking about it is think about war with Uncle Sam in the past, And life here is presently still outlandish with this so many people in the world, It still features many pristine, rustic, instinct, the ones that you will encounter in my paintings.
Currently I'm artists living and working independently in Hanoi VN. I spent the whole time for creative painting. My country is living the country poor and backward, so spend the whole time to compose art is very difficult issues for my life and my family, but I still do because I am very love it.
Paintings of mine have onlies a only sheet, I never draw repeat it a second time.
I have 3 stages indited:
stage 1: Characters in my paintings take pictures of the Bees, the Ants. Vietnamese people we admire the Bee, the ants, because it is small but diligence, have vitality intense, disciplined, and extraordinary strength, The Bee and the ants are for those who have good characters.
stage 2: I usually draw a character with many faces. That is the way to express the inner character of mine. the different moods, will bring different faces.
stage 3: I often draw about love, family, mother and child. I admire these patterns, more graphics of ancient oriental. I changed it and put into my paintings to create for my work a space of memory, of the nostalgic concept.

Thank you for your interest in the creation of my art on this website
Hiep Nguyenthe
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