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Jack McKenzieMy name is Jack McKenzie. I live in Paramus and I’m a landscape style painter.
I started painting in 1990 after watching Bob Ross’s painting shows on PBS. Various members of my family have dabbled in painting, but I really took to it, despite having no formal training.

The preferred genre is landscape painting and my subjects are lighthouses, covered bridges, fishing village scenes & the occasional barn. I take photographs of a scene and then paint it, so I am never concerned about shifting light or the time the painting takes to complete. My pallet is very colorful and bright and I try to convey a quiet, restful atmosphere, sort of like taking a visual vacation. Up until now, I’ve been giving my paintings as wedding gifts without thought of making it a profession. My displaying here is an attempt to do so and get my work out in public.

You may also purchase mugs, prints, postcards, note cards and other items from Fineartamerica, Zazzle and other sites thru my blog landscapesbyjack.blogspot.comOpens in new window
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