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Jim ResnickLET IT FLOW

I try to capture the flow of energy on paper. I try not to force anything, but to just let it happen...let it flow on it's own.

I get my creative energy from nature. I get energized from walking in the forest or in a wildflower field in the mountains, sitting next to a waterfall or a beautiful mountain lake, snorkelling a reef, or body surfing in the ocean. I love being in and around water. I love the energy of storms, especially a good thunder storm.

I absorb the natural flows and rhythms and try to let them flow through me onto the paper.

I almost always listen to music when I draw, which helps me get into the flow. I generally don't have a plan when I draw. When I start to see something, I accentuate the feeling until it starts to work. I like to turn the paper as I draw to make it work from all angles. I learned this from carving stone, which you constantly turn as you work on it.

My work seems to go in phases. My most recent works have tended toward the Astronomy side. I'm not sure where that comes from, but there it is. Previously my drawings tended to be a bit on the erotic side. Sexual energy is perhaps the most fluid and intense of human emotions which I tried to portray in ink on paper.

I have recently had my Pen & Ink drawings made into limited edition Giclee Prints available for purchase. The prints are made with the finest inks and paper available. All prints are hand signed and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Education: B.A., Fine Arts, University of Maryland, 1977.


Don't Stare at the Sun, 3rd place, 2017, International Gallery of the Arts, online juried art show, Black and White.
Art Competition.
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