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Artist Statement

John PacovskyJohn Pacovsky

I paint concepts.
It’s not just a cyclist sharing the road with taxis in Manhattan’s Theatre District, it’s “Leader of the Pack”.

It’s not just chess pieces on a piano keyboard, it’s “War and Peace.”

"Loyalty" asks the viewer to consider the differences between the tree and the rock, to consider the concept of loyalty in relationships.

I have always considered myself a philosopher who paints. Relying heavily on the techniques of the Old Masters, I choose subjects that embody truths, often humorously - sometimes surrealistically. The joy for me is in creating beautiful paintings that spur thoughtful consideration. I love people, feel connected to the world and spend my days sharing my unique vision of it through paintings. In my mid-sixties, I cannot escape the feeling of just beginning.

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Galleries and Shows;

Absolute Americana Gallery, St Augustine, FL
Adler & Company, San Francisco, CA
Art Dialogue Buffalo, NY
Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NY
Ballet Theater Pennsylvania
Chadds Ford Gallery, Chadds Ford, PA
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Dorothy Dickson Darte Center, Wilkes University
Eglise Saint-Denis, Tourtour, France
Enjoy the Journey Art Gallery West Seneca NY
Dumont-Landis Fine Art Princeston, NJ
Everhart Museum, Scranton, PA
464 Gallery Buffalo, NY
French Embassy Cultural Services, NY, NY
Galeria Gotanda, Tokyo, Japan
Galerie Atelier, Philadelphia, PA
Gravely Gallery, Washington, DC
Harrisburg Art Association, PA
H. Dana Becker Gallery, NY, NY
Ladman Fine Art, New Hope, PA
Laura Larkin Gallery, Delmar, CA
Michael Kisslinger Gallery, NY, NY
Morgon Gallery Blakeslee, PA
Niagara Arts & Culture Center. Niagara Falls, NY
Newman Galleries, Philadelphia, PA
1045 Elmwood Gallery for the Arts. Buffalo, NY
Payton Rule Gallery, Denver, CO
Pennsylvania Medical Society Auxiliary
Roxx Ltd. Artshowcase Gallery, Baltimore, MD
Seagram Museum, Ontario, Canada
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
Summit Gallery, Ltd. NY, NY
Widmann Gallery, King’s College, Wilkes Barre, PA
William Ris Gallery, Stone Harbor, NJ


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