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John PacovskyJohn Pacovsky

The only thing consistent about my work seems to be its inconsistency. Just a philosopher who paints.
All the best, John

When first asked to write an artist’s statement, unsure of what to say or how to say it, I researched what other artists had written and tried to follow suit. But that’s not me. What really happened is that I was born in a very small town in northeastern Pennsylvania to parents who were not very interested in the arts. I had very little exposure to them (the arts, that is) – except for a singular memorable visit to the local museum where I was captivated by the paintings I saw. It wasn’t until my 20s, after an unrequited love affair and a subsequent year of emotional numbness that I picked up a pencil and started to draw. It was a magical moment. Finally – a creative means of escape for everything as yet unexpressed in me.

I remember standing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and looking at the paintings of the Old Masters. They had such depth I felt I could almost walk into them. Other works of art seemed as flat as the walls they were hung on. I remember deciding that I would learn how to paint that way. What followed were decades of experimentation. Fortunately, the creative process became its own reward because there was no encouragement from family and friends at the time. I began to understand that the creative process can be a very solitary existence.

As the years ensued, I searched for jobs that required little or no thought so that I could spend my time studying painting and philosophy. I believed that I had to work to support myself and my family. But the painting I was doing was only for me. Curiously, when I decided to paint only what I wanted to paint and did not care if I sold anything – that is when my work started to sell. It was one such day while I was working on a mural as a maintenance painter at a hotel complex where Michel Roux – then the Absolut Vodka importer - happened to be having lunch that my life changed. He saw my work hanging in the restaurant and commissioned me to do one of the ads. The notoriety that followed was the catalyst I needed to pursue art full-time. The next 20 years were a feast or famine existence (thankfully more feast than famine as time went on.
In my mid-sixties, I cannot escape the feeling of just beginning.

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