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My education and experience are in health care management, however, I've always felt an affinity for the arts.

Through the 90's, while living on the island of Guam and working on contract with the civilian hospital, I took watercolor classes over several years at the University of Guam.

I love the lightness and transparency of watercolor. My paintings and prints are for sale in the Guam Gallery of Art.

When I returned to the States, I continued with watercolor classes and added woodcarving classes.

In the process of trying to buy a hard-shell gourd to make a birdhouse, I found mountains of information on gourds and on their adaptability to multiple art forms. I bought a box of assorted gourds and was immediately hooked by the fun of construction and the beauty of the finished gourd. From my ‘Tropical Love Hut Bird House’ with palm tree and tropical vines to large journey vessels every piece makes me smile.

After four years, I’ve moved along the path and still have a long list of techniques to be tried. Because each gourd is unique, I am never bored with a process. There is always something new to be learned.

My gourds are for sale at the Guam Gallery of Art, at local art fairs in the Chicago area and on the Internet at in new window or in new window.

Member of the American Gourd Society and the Illinois Gourd Society.
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