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Douglas L Altman   ( Thumbnail View • Enlarged View )
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St. George Slaying The Dragon
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St. George Slaying The Dragon
Karen Ledbetter

Here is Mr. Douglas L. Altman’s richly detailed, “ADAPTATION RENDERING” of the painting, St. George Slaying the Dragon, by Belgium Baroque painter & diplomat, Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640).

“St. George Slaying the Dragon” is a famous legend attached to the St George mythos by the Christian Crusaders. The fully developed allegory follows that a dragon made its nest on a spring in the city of "Silene," in Libya and thus blocked its flow, downstream. The citizens of the city are said to have had to offer a daily human sacrifice to the dragon in order to dislodge it from the spring long enough to get water. The sacrifice was chosen by drawing lots. One day the King’s daughter was chosen as the sacrifice. He begged for her life but to no avail. As the princess was offered for sacrifice, good Christian Saint George appeared, heroically slayed the dragon, the personification of evil and saved the princess. As a result, the city of Silene converted from its old pagan ways to Christianity, the one true religion.

This mythological battle of Rubens is a masterful depiction of the wildly fierce struggle and chaotic fight between mystical beast and warrior of legend, where his “imagination leaped beyond reality, history and allegory to create a vivid world in which men and beast are pitted against one another, in elemental conflict.” In this painting, as in all his work, Rubens drew upon the traditions of classical art, ancient and Renaissance, enriching it further with a new vitality derived from his Flemish heritage. Both the original painting and a penned pre-painted rendition employing the use of brown ink with a brown wash, were completed by Peter Paul Rubens, in 1606. The painting is currently housed in the Musee du Louvre, Paris, France & is described as “Oil on Canvas,” sized @ 37-1/8” x 49-1/2.”

Doug’s meticulously descriptive style, with his extensive use of rich oil colors and nearly invisible brushstrokes, demands absolute 3-dimensional accuracy in all his portraitures, his paintings of mythological beasts, heroes & Gods, as well as his depictions of men & animals. Doug painstakingly adds detail, not in the original, to both Saint George’s armor and to the mane of his magnificent stallion. Doug has resized his “ADAPTATION RENDERING” very, very slightly smaller than the original @ 36” x 48.”

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