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Elmo Gideon   ( Thumbnail View • Enlarged View )
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Paris Street Scene
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Paris Street Scene
Karen Ledbetter

Oil on canvas.Impressionist art by Elmo Gideon.

Historic Miami Artist and Sculptor Gideon, described as an “artist who borders on being an elemental force” whose own ambitions guided him in the development of revolutionary paints and sculpting compounds, technique and form and application that enabled him to create over 20,000 original works of art during his life. His paintings and sculptures include some of the world’s most known subjects, including the famous Gideon Holocaust Collection.This piece was verified by him and his family as authentically done by him. It's very unique in that it's done on a "Mobile oil" advertisement canvas showing a mother duck and her babies. The frame was also made by him.

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• Seller location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
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