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Reginald LaurentReginald Laurent has been described as a “master colorist” by art experts, and he is one of the premier abstract artists in the United States. Laurent is proficient in several mediums and techniques, but abstracts are his passion. This self-taught, award winning Chicago native has been featured in many solo and group exhibits over the years, and has gained notoriety for his detailed signature style art.

Residing in Fairburn, Georgia Laurent developed his style over more than 20 years, and his colorful creations are in many public and private collections, including Michael Jordan. His art is a labyrinth of shapes and forms that are full of color and detail that harmoniously blend to form a unified entity. Laurent manages to balance colors, create movement and draw you into a world that is uniquely his, and incapable of being assessed with a quick glance. His creations compel the viewer to stand and visually digest the smorgasbord of color and flavor his paintings generously offer.

Laurent has been active in the Atlanta art scene, and he has amassed a strong roster of collectors and garnered the respect of his fellow artists and the Atlanta arts community. His focus is now on getting international exposure, so he can have his universally appreciated creations in all corners of the world. Laurent says his art, like music, can speak any language. He believes his signature style is his “artistic DNA” and the details and colors in each work are symbolic of what he is made of and what comes natural to him. It is Laurent’s congenial personality and the universal appeal of his works that makes him most popular. Through a solo exhibit, his art has even been credited with bridging a racial and cultural divide in a small Georgia town. Laurent believes the best art crosses all social, economic and color barriers and allows for mass appreciation.
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