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Lee Dewsnap1999 – Solo Exhibition - Watercolors – Brunei, SE Asia (Sold out at preview).

2002 – Exhibited in “Guests in Brunei” Art Exhibition

2004 – Joint exhibition with other artists at The Empire Art Gallery, Empire Hotel, Brunei Darussalum, SE Asia (I was part of a co-operative running and exhibiting in the gallery at the hotel)

2004 – Showcase of Local colours – Exhibition at the Empire Gallery, Empire Hotel, Brunei Darussalum, SE Asia.

2005 - 2009 I took a break from painting due to moving to two other countries.

2011 - Finalist International Artist Magazine with my painting "Inspiration" oil on canvas.

2011 - 2012 - A break from painting as caring for my mother who sadly had a terminal illness

Also commissioned a watercolor of Irises for the Sultan of Brunei's first wife to be presented as a gift on her birthday.

My work is in private collections in Brunei, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Dubai and Canada.

I also have a blog at: in new window

Originally born in the UK, I immigrated to New Zealand as a young child in the 1960’s. The last 14 years I have spent overseas living as an expatriate, including Brunei, Qatar and Abu Dhabi. In January 2010 I returned to New Zealand.

Art has always been a passion, my mother also painted and I had intended to do fine arts at Auckland University but never had the confidence to apply. Years later and living as an expatriate suddenly presented me with a lot of spare time. During this period I have been able to nurture and develop self taught art skills and now successfully sell my work internationally.

Flowers are my passion, Roses and Peonies being my favorite flowers. I love the shapes of their petals; how they can take on the guise of other familiar forms see (“The Kiss” in my gallery). Everyone that views my work see different things in my paintings, shadows can form mountains, leaves may form birds, and these are all natural creations, not deliberately painted by me. I delight in these experiences. If I was to give a very brief description of what my paintings are about, I would say Light and shadow and the beauty of flowers but it doesn't end there, I want people to look deep into my paintings and find what their “own” eye and imagination sees.

In Brunei I was well known for my watercolours, however, more recently I have turned to oils desiring to create much larger images. Presently I favour the technique of the Dutch Flemish masters.

Unfortunately, from 2011 - 2013 I have only managed to complete a couple of paintings due to the illness and care of a close family member. Sadly they passed away last year and I am just starting to get myself back into painting mode. I don't like to commit myself to dates but hope very much to be able to have enough work completed, to be able to exhibit in 2014.

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