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Bachelor of Science, Studio Art, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, emphasis in Design. Philosophy: Art is about where the eye and hands meet the mind - the mind's creative filter. Show the unreal in real, the wonder in common. A silent gift. Put it out there. Bring it to an audience. In the sharing, keep creativity alive. Keep the boundaries down. There are no limits.

Lessons I'm passing on, received from and a tribute to many great art instructors:

"Look to nature. Every element of design in endless variations can be found in nature."

"There are no rules in art. No boundaries. It's the ultimate freedom. The ultimate acceptance and equality of being. You are judged only on your creativity."

“The body is beautiful in all its stages simply because it is so elemental. You look at a body, you look into a soul. There is nothing offensive about it. Nudity is presenting that beauty through art and doing so teaches us to respect humanity in its most vulnerable and unique state.”

"There's no such thing as an error. Take a defect and make it into an effect."

"Don't buy it if you can make it. Pull it out of you."

"Art is all about decisions. Think, then commit, make the stroke, make the 'D' decision."

“Writing and art are the same in that you start with a blank page. That wide open potential. Put the first word (stroke) down on that blank space and let the story spin out."

“When drawing, draw what you see, not what you think you see. Separate your mind from your eye. Close one eye. Half close the other. See what is. Delicate variations of shadows and shapes, lines and contrasts. One leads to the other and the image emerges. Draw only what is needed to communicate what is. Let the audience mind fill in the rest.”

"Colors talk to each other. The message changes based on adjacent colors. They speak to us collectively and we react consciously or subconsciously. A silent exchange, symbolic messaging. Art is symbolic language."

"Touch, feel, absorb the effect. Let the fibers (medium) talk to you."

"Look deeply into what you're drawing. Feel it. Imagine the full experience. Look at that shoe. Imagine the foot inside, the stretching of the leather, the soft sock rubbing against the sole, the mind of the person wearing it. Think about all that and you'll bring more into the drawing."

"Be still and absorb. Commit it to memory and bring it out when it's time as a fresh thought."

Minnesota is home with my anchor, the engineer who keeps me grounded, my dose of reality. We have three grown children who happily share their body parts to pose as my source of imagery. My pictures are my language of love.
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