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Michael Puyahi :)
due to an eye disease that has existed for several years, my artistic activity has come to rest. in the next future i will not be able to paint and draw again, sorry...
last update: 2021, march.
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personal page:
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(this site has currently no update, sorry.)
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art pages:
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for prints click here:
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short bio:
my name is MICHAEL "MIG" PUYA,
born 1958 in austria with german-italian roots,
living both in austria and south-east asia.
lifestyle: traveling as much as possible (germany, great britain, thailand, cambodia, spain, italy, croatia etc.).
education: high school, university, academy.
hobbies/interests: art, history, literature, music, nature, swimming, geography, foreign countries.
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this was an honor for me:
2001, some of my artworks have been selected by an investigation institute for arts (FIBK) in germany:
the jury of the art competition awarded eight paintings a prize to "magna cum laude".
2003: Dr. h.c.
2004-2005, associate member of the national academy of fine arts (NAFA), brazil:
participation at the "international art competition NAFA 2004": in new window
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2020: Dr. pharm. h.c.
hommages: in new window
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exhibitions: in new window
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sold originals: in new window
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additional info:
i offer FREE SHIPPING worldwide!
(phone nr. on request)
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i also accept cryptocurrencies as paymant (f.e. bitcoin & some altcoins).
discounts are possible.
please, contact me private:
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