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Ms. Bade 
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"Viola's Fruited Path"

"Viola's Fruited Path"
Ms. Bade

My signed, original 8"x10" painting is painted with watercolors and is framed in a dark wood with goldish pinstripe and glass. My version of an island with a winding path hosting an exotic fruit tree. This is the only one there is. This is copyrighted 2005-present. This has a plate bearing title. Please Notate: Viola © is a fictional character that was created for this art piece. You are welcome to check out my other accompanied poetry paintings, such as, A Heart-4-All Seasons, Swaying In The Breeze, The Glow Of Flowing Lights, My A B C House, Starglow, The Red Breasted Joey-Jay Bird, The Promise Of The Butterfly, Vibrations Of Red, Three More Dimensions, The Pink Wonder, Embers Adrift, The Hurricane Stretch, Indigo Blues At Night, Point Of Blue & more to celebrate each art piece. I welcome any questions, comments and/or constructive criticisms! I am candid & brave enough to state what brand of paints, etc., that I have used just ask. A *Powerful Recommendation For Other Artists/List* is described on: "The Valley Of Dreama" © (oil painting page) (you shall be pleasantly surprised): have you made my list?! Have you read my Bio today?! *Notation* A Powerful-Must-See-Artist under the letter "K" Kostadin Kostov on his page 8, his art work: "Honor Thy Soldier" showcases the fruits of our labor lead to glorious Victory making this soldier very memorable! Please notate, that I have written an original poem (a laminated copy granted to the would-be buyer/included/personal autograph if requested) to enhance the depth, meaning, emotions & the very essence of the painting. Have you read my BIO today?! Although this ArtWork is for sale, some of mine are NOT; so feel free to check out the Competition & return to my site with confidence to ponder what YOU wish to add to your Art Collection today! {*Have You checked out "The Most Popular List" referencing the Categories option? Note my Categories. Check it out & see for yourself*} Purchase Art that YOU choose, to Beautify your World & You shall be Joyful that You did!

***Each time one of my paintings is purchased with Love: the "MAGIC" lives on & is felt right through the Vibrations of every Passionate stroke I paint. Take home Your "MAGIC" today.***

***Take Home your Art Wonder for your Life-Changing Christmas, today!***

Please notate: This Artist/Author retains ownership to all copyrights for paintings/poetry/imaginary characters. All rights reserved. Thank-you for caring! Thank-you for admiring!
Original Poem-4-Painting

Hello out there, I have been shipwrecked,
This I know, last I checked.
My red, joyful, little boat ran aground,
Gazing up, to look all around.

Here stands Viola on a lovely island.
Yes! All alone on this wonderland.
Is there beauty for her to see?
Her glass is half full, absolutely!

She remembered a famous artist once said,
Something that stuck in her head,
Quote: "Wonder is the joy of art!"©
This memory never left her heart!

Viola decided to venture out and explore.
Mother Nature provides art to adore.
Observing many shade trees to rest under,
This experience became a joyous wonder.

Here is a path that appeared surreal,
Mother Nature blessed it with appeal.
She shimmied up a tree, pronto,
To take in a vista, below.

Downward was a curious path winding around,
Across was a fruitwood generously abound.
This spiral path bore ripened, unpicked fruit,
Perhaps now, a less traveled route.

The path of life grants a detour.
Beauty is out there to adore!
Look at life and what we need,
Don't consume a life of greed!

Viola's strong spirit is very much alive,
She is a gal, who does survive.
Sunlight all around glowing for Mother Nature,
Forever shining bountiful rewards, for sure!
T h e E n d
Written By:
Ms. Bade ©2005-present

Item Price 
watercolors/8x10/w/h glass $29.00  Add to CartMake Offer

• Seller location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
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   Paintings & Prints > Food & Beverage > Fruit > Exotic Fruits

Average Rating: 5 Stars Based on 4 critiques. Write a critique
5 Stars Det1649 from St. Petersburg, Florida
A solitary tree is ripe with unpicked fruit because it's located on a path less travelled
Seller response: Sometimes a road less traveled has far more beauty that it beholds for just the right traveler on a fruitful path to a ripe future! Thank-you for admiring, it is gratefully appreciated!
5 Stars Loren D. Adams, Jr. from Honolulu, Hawaii (View this seller's gallery)
In this painting the Artist has presented the viewer with the sensation of hight with a true feeling of Vertigo that one feels when they are up in a high tree looking out & down into the warm sunshine. The strong diagonal lines are well used and create the idea of depth too. The message is a good one and the picture is very interesting. This Artist has a good attitude in her use of materials…
Seller response: Yes! I was creating the illusion of height & perspective! The fruit tree is untouched because the path it is on is not discovered by those who hurry through life but only by those who cherish it! One must remember there is plenty for all if we are willing to take the time & path to explore! Thank-you for cherishing the path in life I chose, to share the beauty of Mother Earth & kind humans, too!
4 Stars Denisedonzi from Miami, Florida
It does feel as if one is looking down over a path seeing great wonder. The fruit seems plentiful. Title has intrigue. Your bio says a lot about you wanting to share imagination, creativity, splendors, magic, joys & art with the rest of the world. Good job.
Seller response: I do demonstrate an illusion of looking down from above to see all of Mother Nature's beauty surrounding us each & everyday! There is plenty for all but one must seek & find! Thank-you, I am gratefully appreciative!
5 Stars Slbird from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The frame really brings out the richness of the colors that are used! There is a lot of depth to this piece!
Seller response: All of my art is framed. A frame should compliment well. The depth I created was physical, (by sight of), emotional, (feelings, lively sensations) & a deep imagination complimented by my poetry (delving into telling of a story) to encapsulate a trail of discovery with FAITH, JOY, HOPE, Love & PASSION! Adventurer's are Born Leaders of JOY! Thank-you, I am gratefully appreciative.

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