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Sarinson Painting

Sarinson Painting
My Art gallery

Frame size by (23" by 19"),This is a beautiful art piece engraved into a medium I am not familiar with. It gives a dimensional effect to the image. The colors are beautiful and the artist’s signature is in the lower left of the plate.Born into an artistic family in 1935, Sarinson grew up in Kilboutz Gonen in Israel. As a youngster, he moved to Paris where he studied at the Ecole Du Louvre. It was located a few hundred yards from the center of Monteparnasse and his famous cafes Select, La Dome and La Coupole. All the famous artists of the world and art critics met and passionately discussed endlessly artistic movements, colors, and forms until the early hours of the morning places Sarinson in a unique position to be at the right place at the right time giving him a fantastic inspiration for his own artistic creations. Sarinson became a successful professional art critic for different art reviews, magazines and newspapers in Paris and Tel-Aviv at the same time experiencing different printmaking techniques. Sarinson became a Master Artist Printmaker at the Lighted Artistic Circle in the U.S.A., Europe, and Israel. A sense of mysticism was often evident in his work. Sarinson’s art are those of a creator and a visionary with an astonishing gift for harmony which is inspired by a deep compassion for three dimensional collage with multiple ornamental description of nostalgic impulse and lyric ideas. Later, he developed multi-level three dimensional constructions of realistic rhythm and symbolic significance which was brilliantly implemented with a magical touch by this 20th century master. The famous Paris art critic, Irenee Mouget wrote “Sarinson’s fantasy world and realistic senses are inseparable in the work of this supreme master who constructs inspirational new world by very imaginative composition of magical fascination. Beautifully sensitive with an idealistic philosophy electrifying new ideas. An artist of extraordinary unlimited possibilities for new dimensions, a divine refinement of spirit is emphasized and become a new unique image of complex system of variation, colors, and forms. “Sarinson’s work has been exhibited in Paris, New York, Nice, Amsterdam, Brussels, Geneva, and Tel-Aviv.Sarinson’s works are in different important collection throughout the world.

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