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Olga PerryAt 19, I was kicked off Komsomol ( teenager's communist party of USSR). It was the best lesson of my life!
Perception is the key.

I have been through dramatic career changes including classic piano training, engineering, medical doctor, OB/GYN, Ph.D., major of Russian Army, business owner.
I moved to USA in 1995.
My life in the States has changed according to the speed at which I have learned English, including a baby-sitter, department store cashier, hostess, waitress, customer service, computer programming, a corporate manager at MCIWorldcom and finally CFO of a renewable energy corporation.

At 46 I took my first drawing class, an year later I was introduced to the clay.
Looks like it will be no more changes on my "profession" list.
I found everything I need.

Maybe :)

We got this life to live and worse that could happened -- we die.
Too bad!
We all got super lucky to be here in a first place, compare to all who never had a chance. At this level, there is no meaning of life to get some prize or achieve some goal. We already have been honored --- to get a human skin. And Gods envy us. Our life is so special because time-to-go-bell could ring anytime. There is no time to be bored. And there is no "thing" or person that can make us happy, except ourselves.
I see the meaning of my life as process of living. To this point, my art is not a goal, it is the product of my pleasure of being. We all can choose to see this world as survival vs the most grand adventure in this physical reality!
Art is a way of life and should be a part of all things.
There is the place for everything ---- if one could just remember that place.

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