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Paul ComarmondWatercolors
Paul Comarmond

A self-taught artist, Paul Comarmond practiced and taught art in Mauritius for several years, winning several awards when still a teenager. Once in North America, he discovered the works of Winslow Homer and other New England watercolorists and this revealed his true calling. Homer’s works in the Bahamas recalled him of his native land and Maine and Vermont reflected his views of his adoptive land, Ontario.

Fascinated by the possibilities and the challenges of watercolor as well as the chemistry involved in its making, Paul from then on devoted his life to the discovery of the medium. Watercolor remains his favourite art form.

Delacroix said it: “ I have never found transparency such as the one found in watercolors.” And as Paul himself puts it: “With no other art form can I obtain such freshness and lightness. There is something extremely sensuous about the fluidity of the water that lay down on paper the pigments of color with soft and gentle strokes.”

From May to July, 2004, Paul travelled the islands of the Indian Ocean and he gave a watercolor workshop at Antshow in Antananarivo, Madagascar.
This resulted in “Voyage en mer indienne” a series of 35 watercolours on all the islands of the Indian ocean. He spends two months every year in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland where he runs watercolour workshops.
An avid traveler, he has a predilection for places with soul. He chooses to connect at a deeper level with the locals when they have a story to tell.
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