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About Heywood

Heywood WilliamsI was born in the middle of a summer long long ago, 4th up and 4th down of 7 children in Southern Idaho. In 1976, many years after dropping out of high school, with two children still at home and two out on their own, I graduated from Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho, with a bachelor's degree in English and a bachelor's in art. Two years later I had my MA in English from Washington State University. Over the years, as I raised children and taught English Comp, when I found time, I painted - on canvas, on plywood, on paper. When I couldn't find time and resources to make paintings, I painted rooms in my house, put down tile in kitchens and bathrooms, textured walls and reveled in the chemical effects of washes on walls. After I got home from work in the evenings and on weekends, I made changes to flat surfaces wherever I found them. When painting on canvas or Masonite panels, I lost myself in color, texture, line and shape and always happy with the process. May of 1999, I married again and moved to Kansas City, MO, and then in June of 2006, I retired and moved with my dogs to Boise, Idaho, where, with my younger sister's help, we remodeled, painted, and 'flipped' a house and in late September that year, my dogs and I moved to Heyburn, Idaho, to a little house three miles from my mother's studio in Burley, where Mama, in her late 80's, joined other painters in her studio painting beautiful landscapes and other art. In April 2007, when I had finished the remodel of my house, I began to paint at Mama's studio, but by May I realized it was going to be an expensive endeavor, and I began looking for work. On May 16th, on my way to a job interview, I realized I only wanted to paint. I decided that if I didn't get the job - and I didn't because when they asked why I wanted the job, I answered that I didn't - I would begin the next day working for myself in Mama's studio to make the money needed for supplies by selling paintings. I committed myself to paint and since May 17th, 2007, I have produced well over 500 paintings and found homes for well over half of them. In June of 2016, when Mama died and left me the house, studio and gallery, I sold my house in Heyburn and moved into the house where I had spent much of my time for the past 10 years and now I paint more than before. In August of 2017, my younger sister Mary Dawn, a Shaman and a drum builder, moved into the house with me and has dedicated a section of the house's studio to drum building. Since the 70's when I began painting, I have studied composition and paint quality. During one process inspired by the horrible oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I focused on the earth's layers and shapes - "layers of the earth's consciousness," and for an entire year I focused on "planets," with the idea of saving this planet central in my mind. Today I just paint - I throw layers of paint on surfaces. I paint until I see something, and then I paint that, I tell folks. The top item on the "Menu" - "Sorrow and the Horse" - demonstrates the satisfying work I had done up to that time, but the following "Explosions and Dragons" is taking me in a new direction and I'm loving it, too! . However my paintings turn out, and most are satisfying to me or I paint over them, I'm happy as I have ever been in my life and wish everyone the same.
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