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Randy CurryRandy Curry of Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas sold his first acrylic painting at the age of 13 to a visitor from Germany. This encouraged him to continue painting and he soon graduated to oils. Growing up on the Island of Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas, there was no shortage of beautiful scenery to paint. He has sold hundreds of paintings and wood carvings over the past 40 years to visitors from all over the World.

Randy has been a self employed Artist for almost 40 years. He is a Painter, Wood Carver, Sign Artist, Graphic Designer, Photographer & Videographer.

Randy is probably best known for his solid mahogany carvings. A unique combination of a hand carving and hand painting. Unfortunately he has limited them to only a few per year (by commission only) because of health reasons. View his previous carvings from the menu.

Randy's new paintings are a unique combination of traditional and digital painting ALL DONE BY HAND. Each work of art is first hand painted in Corel Painter™, printed on high quality canvas with a high quality fade-proof Giclée printer, hand embellished with traditional oil paints and brushes (for texture and depth) and finally multi-coated with a clear UV protective coating.

Each Giclée painting is a LIMITED EDITION of 50. The hand painting on every Giclée make each one of the 50 unique. So they are much more than a just a high quality Giclée print!
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