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As a producer of GENOCIDE an Academy Award winning documentary, a cinematographer of IMAX films and director of THE MAKING OF STAR WARS I found myself with my trusty Nikon camera at a wild ROLLING STONES private video session. Lucky me! Peruvian marching powder was in attendance and vodka was in the milk shakes.

Later I met with Mick Jagger who took just one of the stills and gave me permission to do with as I wished with the others.

These unique stills, no other photographer was present, have been featured in many magazines over the years and now I am computer literate I have created colour distortion on certain images to reflect the madness of the session. I call it DIGITAL ART.

Digital art is certainly coming to the fore in galleries all over the world and the best will become the rarest and in turn the most valuable.

I hope you enjoy and purchase my images both stills and digital art.

Peter Shillingford
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