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Ronnie BordenPeople wish you good luck with your art but " art is not a game of chance" quote me. I was the featured artist in the June issue 09 of SO Rhode Island magazine ( page 69 ), the Mystic Times paper June 11 issue and the New Art Review 2010 Abstractions. My art is hanging from coast to coast, England and all points in between. Each painting is a snowflake that cannot be copied. I pour the paint and then the forces of the universe take over, stopping the flow or preserving a certain moment in time and space. I name them for what I first see in them. The titles help draw you in. Like poems but instead of words I use paint. After that your on your own. I have stopped signing them on the front so you can hang them the way you see them. The masters painted perfect still lifes or portraits to make a living (no photographs back then); but as Aldos Huxley noted in "Doors of Perception," they had their fun in the folds and shadows. Now abstract painters are said too paint to match the living room sofa. Yes, the art may match, but there are things in the folds and shadows of my art to keep you looking forever. I call my art," abstract impressionisum" Monet drops acid so to speak. I had a man call me one night saying he just loved my painting Valley of the Kings (three sheets to the wind)and he said he wanted to buy it. I said OK. He said but I don't have any money. I said O. He said don't worry I'm going to rob a drug store tonight. I said what? He said ,just kidding I'm getting a job on Monday. He didn't. Point how many artist have someone going to rob a drug store to buy their art? I'm going to be famous the old fashion way. By dying.

I crawl out on to the limb
I hear a crack
But the view is too great
I crawl farther out on to the limb
The cracking grows louder
But the view is too great
I crawl even farther out on to the limb
My mind says stop go back
But the view is too great
Down the rabbit hole
I go. Ronnie Borden Feb, 2008
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