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Rukshana HoodaArt by Ruks~~~
Name :Rukshana Hooda Semi Abstract Artist.
born : 9th July.
Rukshana Hooda is a Semi Abstract Artist with a Foundation degree from Sir J.J. School of Art and was armed with a Diploma in Textile Design from Sophia College, Mumbai. She revisited her core and created Semi Abstract Paintings which are pertaining to designating a style of painting or sculpture in which the subject remains recognizable although the forms are highly stylized in a manner derived from abstract art.
According to her The biggest challenge, which She finally overcame, was to find her own space and get back to creativity whilst being a full time homemaker. Also health was on a decline but was able to overcome all of it and get back to art and art shows, to see every day as a challenge, to heal, to be able to do more and better art, to win awards, to be motivational which she feels is a tremendous BLESSING.
Words by Rukshana ~ I am a semi abstract visual artist, following my instincts I’ve been self-creating my own genre in charcoals, texture and acrylic on canvas. I believe that Art is the communication of knowledge and experiences.
I have used charcoal in my construct as this is where we all come from and I believe in the adage, ashes to ashes, dust to dust! We will all eventually return to where we have emerged. I am also inspired with the five elements of nature, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Void.
I try and incorporate it in all my Art, and it forms the basis of my communication. In my mind Colors are like the rewards of life that one receives from the universe and so they are always bright and alive for me. Colors also create a sense of positive energy in contrast to the stark charcoal that I use to form the blueprint of my thoughts, from darkness to light.
I enact many roles on a daily basis, being an artist is just one of them; I also aspire to being a better Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend and Wife. As an artist I am what I paint, and what I paint is me. I respect and embrace all feedback to my work, sometimes even I am surprised by the way people interpret things and that keeps me going. For me… It’s the journey of evolution and imagination that I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to experience and I’ve enjoyed it the most. My Awards are a sign of being appreciated as an Artist, people do recognize me as a Professional Painter and is blessed to have this opportunity to express herself through her Paintings. According to her a total cloud nine feeling is to be recognized and to be alive through her art. She says visiting homes of Families, Friends, Collectors and seeing her works displayed there and being appreciated inspires her to create more and paint better. We all aspire for something, if we pursue that with all our devotion and give it time; I believe that the universe will conspire and help us create our own legacy. When that happens and the circle is complete, it’s our duty to thank the Universe for its gift.
I paint because I believe in Rudyard Kipling's quote, "An ounce of demonstration, is worth a ton of theory."
Lines from an Art Critic : "Her subject is never a story but a lyrical and takes you in a world of fantasy which is sublime in nature.
Whilst Viewing her Art-works turn on all your senses and let life make its impact on you."
Your dreams are your paints, the world is your canvas.. Believing, is the brush that converts your dreams into a masterpiece of reality and that Masterpiece is your Life....!!!!
1975, 1976 Foundation Sir J.J. School of Art Mumbai
1976 - 1978 Diploma in Text. Design Sophia Coll. Mumbai.
Artists Statement : " I prefer to fill my canvases with my love, emotions and energy so viewers can enjoy it for many years later & also Wish to be remembered as an Artist who always SMILED...!!!"
Her Paintings are in the Collections of Many in Canada, UK, USA, Britain, New Mexico, Australia, Miami, Pakistan, India.
SOLO EXHIBITION : Gallerie Leela @ THE LEELA KEMPINSKI, MUMBAI, INDIA ~ 17th Jun – 23rd Jun. 2011.
SOLO EXHIBITION ~ Svenska Hotels, Oshiwara, Mumbai ~ Feb 1st to 29th Feb. 2012.
SOLO EXHIBITION ~ KOHINOOR CONTINENTAL ~ 16th May to 18th June2012. Andheri-East Mumbai.
SOLO EXHIBITION : Pradarshak Art Gallery, Khar, Mumbai, India ~ 17th Sept to 29th Sept. 2012.
SOLO EXHIBITION: Nehru Centre, Mumbai, India ~ 12th Feb to 18th Feb 2013.
SOLO EXHIBITION : The Oberoi, Trident, Mumbai, India ~ 27thOct to 9th Nov 2014.
SOLO EXHIBITION : Venue : U2 Dezigner Denims, behind " Jal Darshan ", Perry Cross Road, next to Chimbai Police chowki, near Joggers Park, Bandra ( West ) Mumbai 400050, ONGOING....
SOLO EXHIBITION ~ Dubai Media City Amphitheatre, Dubai. 25th-26th Nov. 2016.
SOLO EXHIBITION ~ @ The Leela Mumbai bet. 8th-14th Sept. 2017.
SOLO EXHIBITION @ Nehru Centre, Mumbai, India
10th to 16th Sept. 2019
Group Exhibition~ KamalNayanBajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai, India. ~ July 2009.
Group Exhibition ~ The Leela,Mumbai, India, bet 5th Aug -11th Aug. 2011.
Group Exhibition ~ Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, 19th Dec to 27th Dec. 2011.
Group Exhibition ~ Thane Kala Bhavan, Thane West, Mumbai, bet. 26th.Jan - 2nd Feb. 2012.
Group Exhibition: Tajlands end, Bandra 20th April 2012.
Group Exhibition ~ Arctic Vision ~ 16th June - 16th July 2012.
Group Exhibition ~ Cymroza Art gallery, Breachcandy, Mumbai 23rd June - 27th Jun 2012
Group Exhibition ~ Free Port Exhibition Center, Mer Rouge, Mauritius, An Art and Culture Exhibition, 7th - 16th Sept. 2012.
Group Exhibition : ARTIC VISION, The Gallery, Off Link Rd, Goregoan West, Mumbai India bet. 18th Oct -2nd Nov. 2012.
Group Exhibition ~ Jawahar Kala Kendra (Jaipur) bet : 19th - 22nd Oct'2012.
Group Exhibition ~ (AIFACS) Gallery, New Delhi Paint for Justice, Delhi 8 nov.-14 nov 2012.
Group Exhibition ~ “Aroma” ~ COOMARASWAMY HALL, Fort, Mumbai from 12th November to 16th November 2012.
Group Exhibition ~ 27 th Nov.-3rd Dec. 2012 the indian society of international low (Supreme court) New Delhi Paint for Justice
Group Exhibition ~ “Expressions” @ Artist Centre, Mumbai 25thFeb – 3rd March 2013.
Group Exhibition ~ “Amalgamation” ~ The Viewing Room, Mumbai, bet. 24th May - 29th May 2013.
Group Exhibition ~ IAF ~ Nehru Centre, Mumbai bet 19th – 22nd Dec. 2013.
Group Exhibition ~ ANOKHII at Lalitha Kala Academy; Trichur, Kerala, bet January 14th to 18th, 2014.
Group Exhibition ~ "FRAGONARD" at BalGandharva Rang Mandir
Deccan Gymkhana Jungli Maharaj Road . Pune. from 4 th August 2014 to 6 th August 2014.
Group Exhibition ~ Annual Art Exhibition at Artists' Centre, Ador House, First floor, 6 K, Dubash Marg, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400001. from 4th- 16th Aug. '14.
Group Exhibition ~ Annual Art Exhibition of Sir J. J. school of Art at 23rd - 29th Sept. 2014. Venue ~ Deenanath Dalal Art Gallery. Andheri Sports Complex.
Group Exhibition ~ KOHINOOR CONTINENTAL ~ 1st. to 31st Oct.2014. Andheri-East Mumbai.
Group Exhibition ~ Colors of Heritage – 2014 at Greenmark Art Gallery, Vaishali East of Delhi bet. 18th-26th. Oct 2014.
Group Exhibition ~ Anokhii ~ 21st-28th Dec 2014. at State Art Gallery, Madhapur, Hightech City, Hyderabad.
Group Exhibition ~ Reeves ~ Galleryspace,Plot no 259-C, Road no. 12,M.L.A Colony,Banjara Hills, Hyderabad,500034 India bet. 28th Mar-15th April 2015.
Group Exhibition ~ "Before and After" At The Art Entrance, Army & Navy bldg. Foyer, 148 M. G. Road, Kalaghoda, Mumbai 40001. bet 28th Mar-3rd April 2015.
Group Exhibition ~ Hotel Hindusthan International, In front of 'Mythh' Restaurant ,Ground floor, 235/1 A J C Bose Road, Kolkata - 700 020. bet. 23rd -30th June 2015.
Group Exhibition ~ "SPANDAN International Art & Craft Festival in GOA" bet.Jan. 20th to 24thJan. 2016. @ Entertainment Society Goa, Near Inox, Panjim Goa 403001.
Group Exhibition ~ "SPANDAN International Art & Craft Festival in Mumbai" bet. April. 10th to 14th . Coomarswamy Hall, Kalaghoda, Mumbai 40032.
Group Exhibition ~ 16th All Artist Member's art EXHIBITION@ Artist Center Art Gallery, Adora House. M G road. Kala ghoda. Mumbai 18th July to 24th July 2016.
SOLO BOOTH @ "Kalaa Spandan National Art Festival" 17th to 20th November 2016, Gr.Fl. Nehru Center, Mumbai.
Group Exhibition ~AT ARTISTS' CENTRE - ANNUAL EXHIBITION OF '' DRAWINGS & SKETCHES COMPETITION - 2017'' - bet. 20th Feb - 26th Feb. @ Ador House, First Floor, 6 K. Dubash Marg, Kal Ghoda, Mumbai, India 400 001.
Group Exhibition ~ The Prestigious Jubilee Arts, The Fine Arts Society, Fine Arts Cultural Centre, Chembur East. and Awarded for The Same for Western Region India. 2018.
Group Exhibition ~ IAF, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai bet. 15th - 18th Feb. 2018.
Group Exhibition ~ The Prestigious Jubilee Arts, Balgandharva Rang Mandir, 24th and 32nd Road, Church Road, Near to Patwardhan Udyan, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050 27th April 2018.
Group Exhibition ~ "Kalaa Spandan Art Fair" 23rd-26th Nov'18, Gr. Floor, Nehru Centre, Mumbai.
Group Exhibition ~ The Jehangir Art Gallery, Kalaghoda, Mumbai, India bet.16th april -22nd April 2019.
Awards/Certificates :

Honors & Awards
From Camlin ~ Oct 1972.
From Happy Hours Workshop ~ Oct 2015.
From People's Choice Art Awar ~ Feb 2016.
From Amazing Artists Quebec, Canada ~ Black and White Painting Award Feb 2016.
From Amazing Artists Quebec, Canada ~ Abstract Painting on Series of India Award Feb 2016.
Award of Excellence From Spandan 2015.
National Award of Excellence For Best Charcoal Artist From Spandan 2016.
Award for Abstract Art From Spandan Enhance Groups 2016.
From People's Choice Art Award ~ May 2016.
From People's Choice Art Award ~ May 2016.
From The Prestigious Jubilee Arts, The Fine Arts Society, Fine Arts Cultural Centre, Chembur East. and Awarded for The Same for Western Region India. 2018.
Collections :~ Her Art works are now in the Collections of Many in Burnaby, British Columbia, Paris, France, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Menorca, Spain, Cayman Islands, Bristol,UK, USA,Great Britain, New Mexico, Australia, Miami, Constana, Romania, Russia, Paris, Pakistan, India.
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