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Rukshana Hooda 
 Art by Rukshana Hooda
Art by Rukshana Hooda   ( Thumbnail View • Enlarged View )
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Fire N Ice - A

Fire N Ice - A
Rukshana Hooda

Thxs for going thru my art-works, your time & patience.....!!!!!
Fire N Ice (A) by Rukshaana Hooda.
Title : Fire N Ice - A

Ref. No. : 8145

Style : Figurative Abstract
Medium : Acrylics & Texture on Stretched Canvas.

Size : 20" by 30" on Stretched Canvas.
Date : Nov 2011.
Location : Mumbai
Copyrights Reserved.
My paintings speak of just 1 thing LOVE, UNISION, TOGETHERNESS, LOVE~for me thats life, i am in love with the term "love" thats Oxygen, thats life, I romance with Life & there is a great saying that "LOVE SEES NO FAULTS" as long as there is love in any object, physical being, or a relation we will not be seeing the negativity in it, when love fades, the visibility of negativity is perceived hence it is so important to keep That Love alive & i feel that important element is missing all over the world today.....maybe my paintings are sensual, but i don't harp on sexuality, i mean, just togetherness in life, so we grow in life, that's what i had wanted.....each and everyone should be able to do their own thing, there should be space between partners, between ppl and friends there should be trust, there should be respect, & by being together, means exchanging views, understanding, & then to move ahead, not move alone in life.....BUT MOVE AHEAD, towards betterment, progress, helping the environment, ppl around you, hence The World at large. Man is a Social animal, we live in a society, all together, but are not necessarily TOGETHER, difference in views, ideas, thoughts are wonderful as each individual soul helps to come together as ONE whole, with their individuality, nurturing Nature, & my Art Works are totally Abstract, are eco friendly and they speak volumes about nature and environment. For me creativity is all around, its just that i am not copying Almighty's creation to the dot & the " t",but also am potraying my views along with His creation for a better tomorrow... Its very unfortunate that in Our Beautiful World, there are fights,killings, assasinations, bloodshed, all in the name of The Creator & We are HIS Creation ~ before I reached the Modern Education System I never knew the world is divided according to Colour, Race, Religion, under the same sky, sun, moon & on the same planet !! We are each like individual fish, swimming in a watery world, separate yet connected to each other as the great ocean of consciousness flows through us, so why the discrimination...!!!!

Item Price 
20" by 30" on stretched canvas $1,250.00  sold

• Seller location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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   Paintings & Prints > Abstract > Figurative
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