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sandra coreyThere are many labels attached to the art of a self-taught artist: Folk art; outsider art; art brut and raw art. I defer to those more knowledgeable than I, to decide how properly to categorize my art. There are many styles or schools of art I love including abstract; modern; folk and children’s art, which is among the most inspiring to me. I particularly enjoy their freedom from a preconceived idea of how things should look in a rational world. They are the original abstract artists! I have been painting full-time since August 2006, when I sold my first painting. I am a fourth generation San Diegan and have lived here for all but the 2 and a half years spent in Davos, Switzerland, where my brother and I moved with our mother and were enrolled in an old-fashioned, public schoolhouse on the hill and where apples and milk were delivered by horse-drawn wagon. Living in Europe, learning a foreign language, traveling and learning about other cultures and visiting in person some of the world's greatest museums and art collections was education at its best for me. Creativity is, for me, the most joyful of human activities. Thank you for visiting.
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