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Robert SeeseRobert was born in Pennsylvania. He grew up as a coal miner’s son on a small farm. He knew he had some talent when he drew George Washington from the wall of the one room school he attended. He was in 6th grade and it was a very good likeness. The second drawing was a coal steam engine that showed all the detail. One of six children, the family couldn’t afford to get him art lessons, so the skills were not nurtured. He finally attended a local community college in the 70’s where he studied only art subjects for 6 years, where he learned to paint with oils. He painted several paintings from the masters and some portraits of his family, each one took 3 months to complete. But in his 40’s the call of computers occupied his time, so nothing happened with oil painting until retirement in 2002. He began self study from books and videos. Portrait painting was further enhanced by studies from John H. Sanden. He studied under Johannes H. Vloothuis on an internet classroom, and learned how to paint landscapes.

Paintings take a week to ten days now, mostly because he doesn't need to study for answers to the problems that come up. His website is in new window
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