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Chris JenkinsI am an American painter who specializes in transportation subjects and landscapes. I am retired after a 34 year career in the freight railroad industry, so I am familiar with my favorite subject matter.
I paint in a realistic style. My objective is to capture the essence of a scene or a machine, but without distracting detail. In many of the paintings, I have worked to create a sense of motion.
The paintings are created using a variety of high quality oil paints, brushes and other tools, including the painting knife.

I use traditional oil painting techniques.   I approach each painting by making several sketches to test different points of view and compositions.   Once I am satisfied with the approach, I create a shaded pencil sketch on paper.   I then draw reference points that correspond to the sketch on the canvas using pencil, charcoal, or paint.  I then typically create a monochrome under painting using shades of gray or brown.   Once the under painting is dry, I begin the application of color.  Color is followed by the addition of details.  In some cases I apply thin color glazes to areas of the painting to achieve a desired color or color saturation.   Once dry, the painting is finished with a transparent, archival, UV shielding varnish. "

I am a founding member of the American Association of Railway artists, an associate member of the the Allied Artists of America, and an associate member of the Oil Painters of America. I am listed in Ask Art's Blue Book of American Artists.

Framed and unframed prints of many of my paintings are available from Fineart America. Follow this link to see the choices: in new window

You are also invited to visit my website http://www.trainsshipsplanes.comOpens in new window to see more paintings, a list of recent shows containing my art and other information.


Several of my paintings have been licensed by publishers for the production of bank checks, picture puzzles, paint by number sets, and Christmas cards.

My painting Road Power at Buffalo served as the front cover illustration for the December 2020 issue of TRACSX, the quarterly magazine for the retired administrations of the B&O railroad.

My painting Dawn Patrol was the front cover illustration for the summer 2016 issue of the Keystone, the quarterly magazine of the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society.

You will find articles on the artist in the November 2011 and January 2012 editions of American Art Collector Magazine. The artist's painting Superpower at Scranton was featured as the back cover of the 4th quarter 2011 edition of the Diamond, the quarterly publication of the Erie-Lackawanna Railroad Historical Society. You'll find an advertisement by the artist in the current issue of Classic Trains Magazine.


Two of the Artist's paintings were included in the 2012 art show and sale held at the Cheyenne Depot Museum.

The artist's painting Allied Orient Lines was included in the show entitled The Railroad in American Life at Penn State's Hub Gallery during the spring and summer of 2012.

Three of the artist paintings were selected for the 2012 show All Aboard, an exhibition of trains at the Bryan Memorial Gallery in Jeffersonville, Vermont.

The artist's painting Allied Orient Lines was selected for inclusion in the 96th annual exhibition of the Allied Artists of America held at the National Arts Club in New York City during November 2009.

Two of the artist's paintings were selected for inclusion in the International Waters Exhibit held at the Ventura County Maritime Museum in Oxnard, California August 17-September 5, 2008.

Paintings by the artist were included in the Railway Reflections International Art Expo held at the Nevada State Library Gallery in Carson City, July 17-August 17, 2008.

The artist's painting AHEAD OF THE WEATHER was selected for the Silver Anniversary Juried Show of the American Plains Artists, to be held at the Ellen Noel Art Museum in Odessa, TX June 6-July 12th 2009.
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