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Singing Fish Tarot

- A pocket deck so action-oriented they tell quick little stories. Typical spread: A 3-card series like Present; Near future; Conclusion. (or etc.) Maybe 1 more to show how your next story starts.
- Very fast deck shrunk to 30 cards of normal width but trimmed square, meanings printed on the backs. Has instructions to work purely mentally. Or keep them in your pocket and pull out the ones to read.
– The 22 Majors, plus the 4 Aces, were renamed to the 26 alphabet letters, with words like “Apple” or “Zodiac” assigned to each, altho keeping their traditional meanings.
- Some letter assignments may be obvious. The World became Zodiac. Ace Of Hearts became Apple. Ace Of Wands became Jack. The Moon's here by its own name. Feel free to guess the rest.
– Finally, to summarize the 48 non-Ace Minors, 4 new cards were invented: Blank, One, Two and Three, simulating a rhythm i feel in the Minor Arcana.
- Click one to see its back.
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