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Tim WoodTim Wood Biography
Thanks for viewing my work. I am a self taught artist from southern Vermont. My work is a combination of paintings as well as multi media collage.
I started painting seriously a few years ago. Prior to that I did'nt consider myself an artist at all. I had done maybe an acrylic every other year or so. My first piece of art I did was done in my early twenties. I had failed every art class I ever took in school. Consequently I had no use for it and thought the whole thing was stupid and pretentious.
That all changed one night when I was hanging out with cartoonist Bobby Madness. That night I kind of had an epiphany and suddenly got it. So at 20 something I started to try to draw and had some sucess. I did a few really poor paintings.
Then I tried copying a photo from a calender. I had a little sucess on this one. Two years later I tried another and it went like that for quite a few years. Just here and there.
I have always loved old working machines such as trains and boats. You will see that I don't do many paintings of pleasure boats or modern passenger trains. I love to show the effects of weather and use on my subjects. I feel a sense of history when I view these items and that is what I try to incorporate into my paintings.
I also love to paint my local landscape. I have spent my entire adult life here and love living in this area. New England is so picturesqe, that I can't help but be inspired everyday.
The guitars are a result of getting a little stale just painting. After doing many paintings I simply needed to bump up the excitement. The majority of my work is done for me initially, so I have to have a little love for my subject. As a result I gifted myself a bunch of guitars under the guise of Art.
Thanks again for checking out my work and feel free to contact me for any reason.

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