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Tommy Zegan Originals

Welcome to the official Tommy Zegan originals website. Upcoming Pop Artist Tommy Zegan is considered the Jeff Koons of the west coast. He is the creator of the Golden Trump statue AKA the “Trump & his magic wand” sculpture. He is also known for his Robin Williams statue as Popeye that is permanently displayed in the Robin Williams memorial museum inside Popeye village on the island of Malta off the coast of Italy.

His Nyjah Huston sculpture also known as “Nike Skateboard Man” is currently being displayed in the World skateboard hall of fame & museum in Simi Valley, Ca.

His Beach Boys Dennis Wilson’s Hermosa Surfboard prototype replica is permanently displayed in the Hermosa Beach Historical society & Museum in Hermosa Beach, Ca.

Tommy Zegan works out of his studio in Rosarito Beach in Baja California Mexico and specializes in really big Art . He has no partners associated with him or any of his artwork. Tommy, is the sole creator and designer of his unique artwork.
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