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• 14-day free trial to display and sell your art.

• Very quick and easy setup, often taking only 5 minutes.

• Display as much of your art as you wish. There are no limits.

• No commission! You receive the full amount when your art sells.

• Instantly accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, & more.

• Upload your images instantly from your computer through an easy-to-use form.

• Yessy shopping cart allows your art to be purchased quickly and easily online.

• Average artist on Yessy receives several thousand hits per month and you can view your statistics at any time.

• Edit your gallery and add more items for free anytime, instantly and easily.

• Free biography page with optional personal photo.

• Free contact page that allows people to send you a message while keeping your contact information private.

• Free comment system that allows you to receive valuable feedback and interact with visitors.

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What is the cost after the 14-day free trial?

• After your free trial, your annual fee is only $59, which equates to only $5 a month!

• You earn 100% of your sales! Yessy does not charge a sales commission.

• No other fees, no obligation, and you can cancel at anytime.

• Simply cancel before your 14-day free trial ends and owe nothing!

What others are saying about Yessy:

"I am grateful to Yessy! I had my gallery posted under the free 14 day trial. After two days I sold my art! The hits were outstanding! Definitely a winning website for art!"
 - Steve J.

"Really cool... I just wanted a website that I could direct my art customers too... didn't care if I sold something but I did... I sold something in the trial period."
 - Michael

"Your site is an awesome advantage to have in promotion and I am very happy with the presentation. You've helped me find an outlet for my art and I look forward to adding more and more work. I'm glad I stumbled upon it that day. No other site compares. Thank you."
 - Jason K.

"I would like to complement you on your web site. It is by far the easiest site I have used. I am an eBayer with over 950 positive feedbacks and feel eBay could learn much from you."
 - Laura S.

"In my past art history I thought I had enough exposure. I had attended many art shows, in my younger days won awards, did demos for them and some workshops, belonged to different art guilds. It was fun and did sell my art but I must say I have never experienced exposure like Yessy. You people are the best! There is nothing negative. All positive. My hat is off to you. Thanks for the great exposure!"
 - Ray A.

"Thank you for the VERY professional way you handle business. I am very happy I chose your site to list my art on. "
 - Carol U.

"I just wanted to say I think the Yessy site is great! Very easy and good exposure for me. I've had twice as many hits on my personal site as well, since Yessy stepped in. I will stay on. You guys are on the ball!!"
 - Kathleen D.

"I am so impressed with your site! It is well organized and easy to use for both buyers and sellers. My galleries had a stunning 12,000 hits the first week. Needless to say, I intend to stay with Yessy!"
 - Cynthia F.

"What a terrific site! I am an artist and not only have I signed on, I am eager to look around. It is so well put together and so professionally run. All your pages and directions run so smoothly. Thank you! It's nice to have found such a wonderful gallery to be a part of."
 - Jessica V.

"I am very happy with Yessy! It is a well designed website and very easy for an artist to navigate, edit or change his gallery. Thanks and please keep up the great work!"
 - Robert M.

"I just wanted to let you know that the service your company provides is exceptional. I am very pleased with Yessy. You guys are very quick to respond to any e-mail I send, which is rare compared to the other companies. Keep up the great work."
 - Chris K.

"Thank you for providing this site for myself and all the artists here. It was so easy to get online on this site. For a non-techy like me it's a blessing. Thanks again."
 - John K.

"This site is very savvy! I was able to upload my art photos with ease and develop my gallery and bio. I have not gotten bogged down in too much material yet. Thanks for a great web site for artists."
 - Melody V.

"I just wanted to compliment you on your site. I'm very happy with the stability and flexibility of the interface to maintain the gallery with images. I'm a subscriber to several likewise sites, but I must say that the quality of your site is amongst the best. Keep it up!"
 - Marcel B.

"Well, I have looked high and low, and nothing is as good for artists as Yessy is. You have the best deal and it's easy to do. I have been to so many sites just looking. So, I will be back to your site when I get some more art. It just seems that what you have for us in display and all other avenues of selling our art is right now on top. Keep up the good work."
 - Judith A.

"I would like to mention what an incredible help you have been! You have not only given me confidence and well over 2000 viewers per month... you have provided a very easy venue for people who are interested to look up my stuff at their own pace in privacy and they give you rave reviews... I feel you were the start for me... I am now affiliated with a gallery in NYC and it is so easy to say, "you can look me up at". Life is short... has surely made life a lot easier... thank you again!"
 - Charles D.

"The superb way Yessy is set up and managed never ceases to amaze me!!!"
 - Burt P.

"Thank you for your excellence and fairness. Your site continues to improve and I feel it is totally professional. I am proud to feel a part of the Yessy team."
 - Martin T.

"I love this site. I found a very easy way to show my drawings. Thanks!"
 - Cybele

"I must say, this is the most organized web site and just unbelievably easy, along with being really nice, then to top it off I've gotten quick reply's every time. You do an excellent job."
 - Jan W.

"This is a wonderful site, very user friendly and helpful... thank you for thinking of doing such a great site & taking all the work out for me!"
 - Lisa

"If you are interested in getting your visual artwork out in the public eye, this is a great, low-cost alternative to exclusive self-promotion. Yessy is definitely worth checking out."
 - Edward C.

"I think this is a very fair offer. Thanks for offering this affordable situation. I will let some other artist friends know and they will contact you."
 - Jeri F.

"Seems more than reasonable."
 - Louis M.

"It sounds like a good deal to me."
 - Marcia F.

"Finally something hopeful for artists. I have a lot of artist friends that could make use of your product."
 - Ryan T.

"Just wanted you to know that I really like your site! I am an artist on it, and I like the art on it, I like the way it is set up, I like it all......I feel very fortunate that I got in at an early stage, because I think this is a great thing....I've looked at others and like this the best so far....Keep up the good work!"
 - Lori B.

"I am a fashion designer in NYC and work in an art supply store there. This is a wonderful way for up and coming artist, of all kinds to show their work. With NYC being the capital of so many things; art, fashion, theatre, we need more places like this to give exposure to artists, designers, writers and others in the creative arena. I will pass this on to co-workers and customers that come into the store. Thanks again for a wonderful service."
 - Callie S.

"I thank you again for the beautiful site you have created and wish to continue being a part of it!"
 - Chas

"I really appreciate your help and this opportunity of exposure and selling my art."
 - Darwin L.

"As a business developer I always get excited over new hot ventures. Innovation is the key component and the difference between a so-so business and a hot money making venture. You have a hot innovative venture and I look forward to supporting your efforts."
 - Mike H.

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to be included in Yessy - I really look forward to staying on this site, and becoming a regular."
 - Rob L.

"It is great to see the gallery growing at a very fast pace! I know it will be successful. Thanks for giving artists another place to get exposure and feedback."
 - Katharine G.

"I am just so excited about this. This is too cool and hope it works out for you and me. I'm terribly excited about this and thank you for this site."
 - Jan W.

"Delighted to find your website and of course I will join in the fun."
 - Patrick W.

"I am looking forward to working with you in the future months to come. This is the big break I've been looking for as long as I have been a photographer."
 - Stephen F.

"When I saw your idea online I was stoked! I believe that we can do some real good here and so just let me say thank you, thank you."
 - Anahwake N.

"I am very excited about the concept and want to get started right away."
 - Dominick D.

"Really cool!"
 - Jacob W.

"Thank you for the opportunity to display and sell my artwork through Yessy... I am sure that your website will be a tremendous success and attract a myriad of artists!"
 - Clouds U.

"I am very grateful for your help. I am ever ready to be a Yessy member."
 - Eddy K.

"I am looking forward to being a part of the team."
 - Gerry E.

"This very welcomed information could not have come at better time."
 - John L.

"This website sounds like a very good place to gain opportunities. I'm sure nothing but good things will come out of it."
 - Aaron A.

"I look forward to working with your website and hope for a good relationship and a successful venture for your company."
 - Gabriel L.

"This is very exciting."
 - Texx N.

"This sounds like a great opportunity. Thank you."
 - Kristin

"I will continue to pursue this new and exciting avenue."
 - Susan L.

"Really looking forward to this!"
 - Corinne

"Thank you!!!! Great service!"
 - Donna C.

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