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Wendy Detweiler

wendy detweilerWendy Detweiler
Photo is of, Artist Wendy J/ Reed Detweiler on the set of local TV stations channel 45 in Nevada Co. California.. of the talk out of the box with Julie Cox show. Wendy was interviewed on Julie's talk show regarding her art career. Wendy Detweiler was born in San Jose California 1955, She has had a wonderful chance to view life and watch changes in the world and in her own sunshine state. Wendy remembers when the microwave oven was invented, and Route 66 was not just a historical landmark. She traveled all over the US with her family and now finds herself painting memories of it all. She began painting a few years ago when she became disabled ,she is self taught. During her years of painting, she has developed her own style, designs,ideas, All her paintings are origional and of her creation. California has a vibrant history, and a lot has been lost over the years-- she tries to bring back memories in her paintings, a nostalgic look back for a viewer of not just memories of history but to remember who we were, Americans, what we did, and how we are now..her paintings have won ribbons and honors, sold many and sold to esteemed collectors in the Impressionist art world wide,also paintings and photos published in a book, she has had many exhibits,shows, recently at the Center the arts in Grass Valley California. Thrilling achievement of all has been to connect to the viewers adults and children with her paintings.
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