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Richard SchauerteSelf taught artist with a "eye" since early in life,,pencil drawing started at about age 8 and I never looked back. Art became a passion.

Artistic home renovations with one of the top 3 cathedral restorers in Vancouver BC for 2 years at age 16 showed me the artistic beauty of details..

I have done almost every trade from gold-leafing ceilings, painting, taxidermy, artistic welding, large scale farming and general and finishing carpentry. Loving and excelling in all.

I am a Native Canadian and an internationally known artist blessed with the name "White Raven". I was given the name White Raven by a First Nations Elder almost 20 years ago in Ontario Canada just after I started working with stone and antlers.
Each peice is one of a kind and signed. With over 35 years in the Arts, The White Raven has a little something for everyone.

Love the challenge of sticks, stones and bones....
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