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David Hipwell 
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Biography/self portrait
David HipwellI did one painting in college then quit painting for 30 years. Then in about 1993, I started up again. I painted after work each day. But I was hooked. I painted more and more. I retired from my job in about 2003 and have painted full time ever since.

I did all types of paintings....sports portraits, flowers, animals, scenery, cityscapes, lighthouses, ghosts, americana. I use my imagination, and paint a bit photorealistically. Still there is a lot of looseness in my style and brush stokes which adds tremendously to my paintings.

Every painting I do has a story behind it. A while back I was into painting lighthouses with ghosts. I was into nostalgia...when I visited a lighthouse, I imagined who lived there many years ago.

Some of my my paintings are sports portraits. Most of the time I think of a sports icon and then dream up a painting concept about the icon. Right now the guy that everyone is thinking about is Aaron Rodgers. He is a star....and I have done about 15 full color paintings of cannot paint an iconic figure too much.....besides it is challenging to come up with a new treatment of Rodgers each time.

Painting the human face is very very challenging...especially since I attempt to capture the spirit of the subject.

Lately, I am painting more and more portraits of local people....some are commissions....some are not.....also I am painting funny pictures called "Cheeseheads" which are all kinds of figures with cheeseheads on their heads.

I do a lot of art shows now. I especially enjoy Artstreet in Green Bay and am a member of Mosaic Arts, Inc which puts it on...I have been getting into this show a lot is a juried it is not guaranteed that I get in....but I have lucky the last few years.

I sell low cost prints and higher costing originals on on this website. Just put my name, "David Hipwell", into a search engine and click into my website.

I do mail order. And I have retail outlets in northeast Wisconsin listed on this site. I am a funny we won't go into that

I live in a nice white colonial house in Oconto, Wisconsin with with Suzy, 2 naughty cats and a cute little doggie. You can visit my studio/gallery/retail outlet but you need to call ahead.

Check me out for my latest thoughts at facebook.comOpens in new window David Hipwell

Finally, you may contact Mosaic Arts, Inc. as a reference on my work. There number is 920 435 5220.
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